Red –     Red is the warmest of all colors.
In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy.
Red is Tuesday’s color.
Red roses symboliz  passionate love.
Red is associated with fiery heat and warmth.
Red is the color of bloodEnergy,

Strength, passion, eroticism, cheerfulness, courage, element of fire, career goals, fast action, lust, desire, blood, vibrancy, driving forces, risk, fame, love, survival, war, revolution, danger, aggression, strength, power, determination, emotional intensity, sex, provoking, dynamic, stimulating, courage, bravery, good-tasting, force, leadership, drama, excitement, speed, heat, warmth, violence, attention, generosity, romance

Light red : joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, love, indecision

Dark red : willpower, rage, wrath, tenseness, vigour, anger, leadership,                    courage, yearning, malice, wrath

Maroon : Yang, indecisiveness
RED:         Base [Kundalini, Root Chakra]:Located at the base of the spine.It                  grounds us in the physical world


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